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Music video was a new trend which appeared on the music scene in the 80s.
Recently, almost every outstanding album is accompanied by several music videos, usually made for the main singles.      ...more
Sometimes videos precede the album. In some cases, half of the album tracks can go along with the clips. Also, many groups and artists began producing video DVDs with their works. Music videos have become so popular that there are all kinds of charts and ratings of their popularity on TV.

People watch more and more videos now. They have even started buying high quality music videos online. The problem is that many people are not able to pay the high price which is requireв by the manufacturers of music videos. Most people don’t want to pay huge sums of money for watching a video, and at the same time they want to watch it. If you don’t care much about quality, you can watch the clips on YouTube, of course, and even download them to your computer using special software. But sometimes a video is not available for the residents of certain countries or even removed, and many of the free downloading programs may be harmful for your computer.

To solve this problem, just start downloading your high quality music videos in VOB format from this site. This website is one of the best websites to use if you want to get high quality music videos for a low price. Having paid just a few dollars for an account at one of the proposed sharing services, you can download a huge number of clips by your favorite performers, comparable to several DVDs. VOB video format (Versioned Object Base) provides the highest quality of picture and sound, exactly matching the original DVD recording. Also, it allows you to use VOB files for quick arranging and burning them on DVD.
The site is very well-organized and daily updated with more and more new clips. It’s all very simple and neat. And even if you’re not looking for something specific, you are sure to find something that you’ll definitely like.


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Michael Jackson - Beat It (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Billy Joel - Goodnight Saigon (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Garland Jeffreys - What Does It Take (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Golden Earring - Devil Made Me Do It (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Greg Kihn Band - Jeopardy (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Styx - Heavy Metal Poisoning (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Kinks - Come Dancing (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Men At Work - Overkill (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Shakin' Stevens - Give Me Your Heart (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Robert Palmer - Pride (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Nick Lowe - Raging Eyes (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Marianne Faithfull - Running For Our Lives (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Nitecaps - Go To The Line (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Rodway - I Am Electric (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Saga - Wind Him Up (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Linda Ronstadt - What's New (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Bouncing Balls - An American Anthem (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Larry Elgart - Turned On Broadway (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Frida - Here We'll Stay (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Jean-Luc Ponty - Far From The Beaten Paths (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Jackson Browne - Lawyers In Love (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Robert Plant - Big Log (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Robin Gibb - Juliet (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Larry Elgart - Hooked On Classics I (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Larry Elgart - Hooked On Classics II (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Bertie Higgins - Pirates And Poets (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Three Dog Night - It's A Jungle Out There (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Eddie And The Cruisers - On The Dark Side (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Nils Lofgrin - Across The Tracks (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Loverboy - Queen Of Broken Hearts (DVDRip from 1983y. release)
Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Dr. Hook - Sharing The Night Together (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Bzn - Oh Me Oh My (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Gene Pitney - Trans Canada Highway (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Tumbleweeds - It Might Have Been Rained (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Kelly Marie - Feels Like I'm In Love (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Afric Simone - Playa Blanca (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Barbra Streisand - Woman In Love (From Top Pop) (Top Pop Performance) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Hollies - Amnesty (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Def Leppard - Hello America (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Clout - Let It Grow (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Gruppo Sportivo - Disco Really Made It (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Elaine Paige - If You Don't Want My Love (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Dolly Dots - Rollerskating (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Gibson Brothers - America (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Kayak - Chance For A Lifetime (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Kit Hain - The Joke's On You (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Viola Wills - If You Could Read My Mind (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Mark And Clark Band - A Drinking Man's Concerto (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel (From Top Pop) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
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