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Laura Izibor - Shine (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Buizniez - Club Freaks (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Brighton Port Authority (BPA) - He's Frank (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Anne Rani - Fall (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Cube Guys - Be Free (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Chris Lake Feat. Nastala - If You Knew (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Chris Cornell Feat. Timbaland - Part Of Me (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Lady GaGa - Poker Face (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Lita Ford - Kiss Me Deadly (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Great White - Rock Me (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Tesla - Hang Tough (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Danger Danger - Bang Bang (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Autograph - Turn Up The Radio (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Jackyl - The Lumberjack (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Vixen - Edge Of A Broken Heart (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Winger - Seventeen (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Slaughter - The Wild Life (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Loudness - You Shook Me (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Ratt - Round And Round (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Trixter - One In A Million (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Queensryche - Another Rainy Night (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Def Leppard - Armageddon It (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Mr. Big - Addicted To That Rush (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Bulletboys - Talk To Your Daughter (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
White Lion - Little Fighter (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Dokken - It's Not Love (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Poison - Nothing But A Good Time (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer (DVDRip from 2007y. release)
Blake Shelton - She Wouldn't Be Gone (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Kenny Chesney - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Carrie Underwood - Just A Dream (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Brad Paisley - Waitin' On A Woman (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Emerson Drive - Belongs To You (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Amanda Palmer - Astronaut (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Sammy Hagar - Cosmic Universal Fashion (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Raconteurs - Old Enough (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Bloc Party - Mercury (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Judas Priest - War (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Scars On Broadway - World Long Gone (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Against Me! - Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Css - Move (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Coldplay - Lovers In Japan (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Dj Khaled Feat. T-Pain And Kanye West - Go Hard (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Ne-Yo Feat. Fabolous And Jamie Foxx - She Got Her Own (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Jazmine Sullivan - Bust Your Windows (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Colby O'Donis - Don't Turn Back (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
Bobby Valentino (Bobby V) - Beep (DVDRip from 2009y. release)
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