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In-Grid - Tu Es Foutu (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Gladiator - Now We Are Free (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Floorfilla - Anthem N6 (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Double Vision - All Right (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Terence - Maniacs 2001 (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Cappella - Move On Baby (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Gigi D'Agostino And Albertino - Super (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Ann Lee - Voices (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Mo-Do - Eins, Zwei, Polizei (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Happymen Vs. Gala - Freed From Desire 2003 (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Benassi Bros. Feat. Sandy - Illusion (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Activate - Save Me (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Down Low - Once Upon A Time (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Whigfield - Saturday Night (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Velvet 99 - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Zhi-Vago - Celebrate (The Love) (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Valerie Dore - The Night (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Lorna - Papi Chulo...Te Traigo El Mmmm (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Benny Benassi - Able To Love (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Regina - Day By Day (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Double Vision - Knockin' (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Floorfilla - Anthem N4 (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
In-Grid - In-Tango (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Albert One - Mandy (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Cappella - U And Me (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Bobby Summer - Jabba Jabba (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Ann Lee - 2 Times (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Gigi D'Agostino - Silence (DVDRip from 2004y. release)
Choirboys - Fireworks (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Choirboys - Boys Will Be Boys (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Choirboys - Run To Paradise (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Russell Morris - Hush (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Russell Morris - Tartan Lines (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Russell Morris - The Real Thing (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Ian Moss - Out Of Fire (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Ian Moss - Tucker's Daughter (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Ian Moss - Telephone Booth (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Kate Ceberano - That's What I Call Love (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Kate Ceberano - Since You've Been Gone (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Kate Ceberano - Bedroom Eyes (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Renee Geyer - Trouble In Paradise (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Renee Geyer - Heading In The Right Direction (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Renee Geyer - Say I Love You (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Jimmy Barnes - Ride The Night Away (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Jimmy Barnes - When A Man Loves A Woman (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Jimmy Barnes - I'm Still On Your Side (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Nic Endo - White Heat (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Hanin Elias - Tie Me To The Wall (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Alec Empire - On Fire (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
Alec Empire - Low On Ice (DVDRip from 2008y. release)
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