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Elisa - Una Poesia Anche Per Te (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Povia - I Bambini Fanno Ooh... (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
John Legend - Ordinary People (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Faith Evans - Again (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Michael Buble - Feeling Good (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Backstreet Boys - Incomplete (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Moby - Spiders (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Coldplay - Speed Of Sound (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Jem - They (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Paolo Meneguzzi - Non Capiva Che L'Amavo (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Rob Thomas - Lonely No More (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
New Order - Jetstream (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Nek - Lascia Che Io Sia (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Ark - One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Killers - Smile Like You Mean It (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Negramaro - Mentre Tutto Scorre (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Negrita - Rotolando Verso Sud (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Daddy Yankee - Gasolina (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Stevie Wonder - So What The Fuss (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Simone Cristicchi - Vorrei Cantare Come Biagio (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Bodyrockers - I Like The Way (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Weezer - Beverly Hills (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Good Charlotte - The Chronicles Of Life And Death (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Garbage - Sex Is Not The Enemy (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Oasis - Lyla (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Mylo - In My Arms (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Arsenium - Love Me Love Me (DVDRip from 2005y. release)
Alice In Chains - Grind (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Beatles - Free As A Bird (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Blues Traveler - Hook (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Collective Soul - The World I Know (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Echobelly - King Of The Kerb (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Hootie And The Blowfish - Time (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Korn - Shoots And Ladders (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Lenny Kravitz - Circus (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Oasis - Wonderwall (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Passengers - Miss Sarajevo (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Friends (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Silverchair - Pure Massacre (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Little Wing (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Alanis Morissette - Ironic (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Better Than Ezra - Rosealia (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Big Audio Dynamite - Megavideo (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Bush - Glycerine (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Dave Matthews Band - Satellite (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Folk Implosion - Natural One (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Foo Fighters - Big Me (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
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