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Human League - One Man In My Heart (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Boy George - Funtime (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Duran Duran - Perfect Day (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Wet Wet Wet - Julia Says (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Cher, Chrissie Hynde, Neneh Cherry And Eric Clapton - Love Can Build A Bridge (DVDRip from 1995y. release)
Lulabox - Ride On (Club Mix) (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Ministry - Just One Fix (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
The The - Dogs Of Lust (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Spin Doctors - Two Princes (Color Version) (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Paul Weller - Into Tomorrow (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Belly - Feed The Tree (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Starclub - Hard To Get (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Stereo Mcs - Connected (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Walking Through Syrup (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Duran Duran - Ordinary World (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Inxs - Beautiful Girl (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
10.000 Maniacs - Candy Everybody Wants (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
R.E.M. - Man On The Moon (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Jesus Jones - The Devil You Know (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Pop Will Eat Itself - Bulletproof (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Gene Loves Jezebel - Josephina (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Alice In Chains - Angry Chair (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Helmet - Give It (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Mark Curry - Blow Me Down (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Beastie Boys - Gratitude (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN) - Behavior Modification - We Will Rock You (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
808 State And Ub40 - One In Ten (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Thelonious Monster - Blood Is Thicker Than Water (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Tom Waits - I Don't Wanna Grow Up (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Inspiral Carpets - Two Worlds Collide (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Michael Penn - Long Way Down (Look What The Cat Drug In) (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Annie Lennox - Love Song For A Vampire (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Shakespear's Sister - I Don't Care (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
Peter Gabriel - Steam (DVDRip from 1993y. release)
House Of Love - Feel (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Bob Marley - Iron Lion Zion (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Daniel Ash - Get Out Of Control (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Supreme Love Gods - Souled Out (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Babes In Toyland - Won't Tell (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Nine Inch Nails - Wish (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Lemonheads - Mrs. Robinson (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Sunscreem - Love U More (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Dada - Dizz Knee Land (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Suzanne Vega - 99.9 F (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Behind The Sun (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
B-52's - Revolution Earth (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Inxs - Taste It (Live Version) (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Nirvana - In Bloom (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Afghan Whigs - Turn On The Water (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
Mary's Danish - Leave It Alone (DVDRip from 1992y. release)
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