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Ocean Colour Scene - The Day We Caught The Train (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Eddi Reader - Town Without Pity (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Shakespear's Sister - I Can Drive (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Brian Kennedy - A Better Man (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Let Loose - Make It With You (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Gabrielle - Forget About The World (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Toni Braxton - You're Making Me High (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Omc - How Bizarre (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Everything But The Girl - Wrong (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Robert Miles - Fable (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Shampoo - Girl Power (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Upside Down - Never Found A Love Like This Before (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Spice Girls - Wannabe (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Backstreet Boys - Get Down (You're The One For Me) (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Bizarre Inc. - Surprise (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Peter Andre - Mysterious Girl (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Reel 2 Real - Jazz It Up (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Maxi Priest Feat. Shaggy - That Girl (DVDRip from 1996y. release)
Christophe Renaud - La Petite (Radio Edit) (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Corinne Hermes - On Vit Comme On Aime (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Caroline Loeb - Mistinguett, Madonna... Et Moi! (Extrait Du Spectacle) (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Caroline Loeb - Crime Parfait (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Agathe (Regrets) Feat. Alexx - Les Yeux De Laura (2010 Club Mix) (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Yianna Katsoulos - Fais Moi L'amour Comme Un Francais (Clip Edit Version) (Version Alternative Mix) (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Corynne Charby - Pile Ou Face (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Sttella - De James Bourg A GainsBond (TV Series Remix) (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Christine Roque - Premiers Frissons D'amour (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Caroline Loeb - Mots Croises (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
F.R. David - Words (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Annabelle - Impunement (Thailande Movie Remix) (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Pacifique - Quand Tu Serres Mon Corps (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Mikado - La Fille Du Soleil (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Eartha Kitt - Where Is My Man (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Kova Rea - Nuit D'amour (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Plastic Bertrand - Slace To The Beat (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Petula Clark - Dowtown (Club Mix 1988) (Feet Mix) (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Double - The Captain Of Her Heart (Europe Version) (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Agathe Et Regrets - C'est Normal (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Jeane Manson - Hymne A La Vie (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Martin Circus - Shine Baby Shine (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Jakie Quartz - Vivre Ailleurs (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Dennis' Twist - Tu Dis Que Tu L'aimes (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Yves Simon - Amazoniaque (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Chagrin D'Amour - Monte Carlo (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Hong Kong Syndikat - Too Much (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Coco Girls - Ce Mec Est Too Much (Studio Version) (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Debut De Soiree - Belles, Belles, Belles (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Jairo - Les Jardins Du Ciel (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
Philippe Cataldo - Les Divas Du Dancing (DVDRip from 2011y. release)
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